Review from Jan Hoynacki

In a quick word – excellent. He did a major addition/refurbishment of our house in Chatham about 8 years ago. Testament to how well he did on that job is that 3 years later, we built a house in Chatham and we chose him as the Contractor. he did an excellent job on our new home as well.

Beyond the excellence of his work, there are a few other important qualities worth noting. He is hands on. If a sub is struggling with something, he knows enough about all aspects of the building trades that he is able to jump in and fix it.

Second, he is honest. Finally he is responsive. I don’t even recall not being able to reach him or not having a call returned. I would be pleased to speak to any potential client of his to offer any other helpful details

- Jan Hoynacki Chatham, MA

Review from The Tomin Family

Thank you for building such a lovely house for us. We have enjoyed every minute in it since we moved in. It gives us great pleasure to know that it is ours, particularly since we were able to observe some of the fine points of it’s construction and even participate in the erection in a very small way. We were very impressed with the sub-contractors you selected to participate in the process, they were all very professional and capable.

- The Tomin Family Orleans, MA

Review from John Fishman

Don built a new house for us that we’ve been living in for over a year now in Brewster.

I had a great experience with Don. We had a situation where I was looking for a builder that could build for us a weather tight shell that also included electric, insulation, and plumbing and I would take care of the remainder (interior trim, floor install, etc. I interviewed about 7 or 8 builders, including Don. I felt the chemistry was right with Don from our first meeting. He was very flexible to help us achieve what we wanted within our budget.

His relationships with his subcontractors was obviously very good which I think made a big difference for the positive. He’s very knowledgeable about building procedures, designe and practical uses of space… .which helped with the build.

He was very responsive to any inquiries I had during the build process, answered emails and phone calls promptly and his office assistant, Ann was always available in case Don was out of reach.

We had two instances…. one involving faulty material and the other involving a faulty seal around where the electrical line entered the house. Upon discovery of both (the faulty foundation seal 6 months after we moved in) Don attended to and fixed both in a very timely manner and at no charge to us.

I can, without hesitation, enthusiastically recommend Don. He’s honest, very into his work, produces a nice product and…. I’m glad we had him build our house.

- John Fishman Brewster, MA

Review from Mike Brown

I wanted to write to tell you how happy I am in choosing JC Donald to do the work at our home.

When Rich and I first met, we had a great exchange of ideas about what should be done and how to go about it. Ted managed the job extremely well and his communication skills are without comparison. So often homeowners are left hanging and in the dark about scheduling and coordinating the work. Not so with Ted. Fabricio sent an army of men who worked very hard - and very neatly. I was impressed with their work ethic and the fact that they jumped in to help each other out when necessary. So often, not enough workers are assigned to a job and it just drags, but not with this job. Tom of T&T Seamless Gutters was a consummate professional -- very exacting and precise in his work -- and Owen did a great job when supporting Tom and handling various tasks on his own.

This was a terrific experience and I truly want to thank you.

Best regards,

- Mike Brown

Review from The Griffin/Pettingill Family

We wanted to thank you for making our renovation and building project as easy as possible.

We love the design Richard proposed and modified, and we keep noticing little details that show how thoughtfully he approached the job. Don and Ted and Tammy kept the schedule on track and kept us informed and up to date, coordinating and advising us about each step. We were so pleased that you were always willing to accommodate our evolving ideas. The teams of workers you chose were professional and efficient: They always welcomed us and were helpful when we had questions. Kim's clarity and patience made financing practically stress free.

And the final result is a beautiful, sturdy mix of old and new. We feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity to work with you and hope to do so again in the future. We would also be more than happy to recommend you to friends seeking a high quality, reliable contractor.

Best regards,

- The Griffin/Pettingill Family Brewster,MA

Review from The Bradford Family

I just wanted to tell you how much we love the house that you and your team built for us. It’s getting lots of use and we are getting tons of compliments. And I wanted to share our gratitude.

- the Bradford Family Brewster,MA

Review from The Carrol Family

We are going out less thanks to the beautiful kitchen you built! We could not be happier with how amazing our home is – thanks to the JC Donald team! We so appreciate all you do.

- The Carrol family Orleans, MA

Review from The Marshall Family

Thank you for JC Donald Company’s excellent work.

- the Marshall Family Wellfleet, MA

Review from JMc

I’m writing to you to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism, oversight and diligence before during and after the design and construction of my house in Orleans, MA. Thank you Don (and your crew and staff)!

The entire process was excellent and a rewarding experience.

From our initial meetings (there were five) before signing an agreement to have you build my house, to the permitting, and site preparation all the way through design and construction and the ever-important, post completion punch list items (for the size of my project, there were surprisingly few). This last point is where a great build can often become difficult and stress-ridden. That did not occur in this rather extensive build of both my house and architecturally matching barn/garage.

Having you become both friend and neighbor has been great. But this letter is really about you and your firm as a potential resource (i.e., reference letter) for future clients. The reason I believe things went well during the rather lengthy process (a large house and barn takes time), in my opinion, was because you’re honorable in your work and your relationships with clients, contractors, suppliers and vendors. You don’t take short cuts because your name and company’s reputation is attached to your builds which is something not all design-construction firms do - that is, stand behind their work - with pride.

There is no doubt you’ll continue to be a very successful builder, certainly not because of my project alone, but in the last several years I’ve seen multiple projects you’ve completed, and your process and professionalism remain at the highest of standards.

You may give my contact info as a reference to potential new customers if you choose. Let any new clients know we really enjoy our house every single day and smile when we see its beautiful details and design elements.

Thank you again! I hope you enjoy continued success as you and your firm take on other projects on Cape Cod.

- JMc Orleans, MA

Review from The Mahendran Family

He built the first home that we happened to purchase a year after he built it. It has withstood high winds on the Cape. The quality of the home was excellent. I then had him bid on three projects and have hired him to do it. He still continues to do work for me on the Cape.

On one of my projects, I had asked him to do one thing. He saw greater potential and suggested some additional changes, which made a huge difference to the renovation that I did.

I traveled a lot and he would be available to receive my call, when I landed on the tarmac, allowing me to get an update before I got off the plane. I did not have to micromanage his crew, he was responsible for the personnel and I saw the final results. I dealt directly with Mr. Connolly. The people he hired were of superior quality. He took pride in what he did, for he is a perfectionist.

- Mrs. D. Mahendran Orleans, MA

Review from The Conway Family

Don Connelly (JC Donald) has a high quality set of sub-contractors whom each know what they are doing. He keeps a close eye on the job site, it is always orderly and he pays attention to details. No corners are cut, if something is not done right, he will have it redone at his own expense.

We have now done several substantive projects with JC Donald over a period of a decade or more. The renovation and expansion (doubling) of our lake house was done while we were located overseas, so we had to communicate with Don via phone and one visit during construction. While we were a bit concerned ahead of time how this would work out, Don took care of everything and the project was done on time and on budget, with the right quality. His crew had to work through a very hard winter, but all was ready when we were scheduled to use the renovated house the next summer. He had earlier built a large separate garage with a playroom overtop. Don built the substantive house next to us on Long Pond and that owner similarly feels positive about Don. More recently, JC Donald renovated the house up the road on Long Pond and those owners were similarly pleased with Don’s work. The point is he has gotten all this business by word of mouth, and each client is pleased with the work and value.

- David Conway, Brewster, MA

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